Tuesday, November 9, 2010


SMASH in San Antonio, TX is going great! My Kinderdance classes at all the daycares & community centers are doing awesome! I feel like I've grown so fast so quickly here in S.A. It's a true blessing....there is a lot of work and growth to still go through, but I am content to know where I am right now. Hard work, passion, & dedication really do pay off. I am working on a Holiday Showcase where all my classes from all the daycares & center will perform. The kids are excited, the parents are excited, & I find it to be a joy to please all of them. Jazz/Hiphop classes keep me young, and my pre-teens are a pleasure to work with. I am hosting a CAMP ROCK Holi-Day Camp during the kids Thanksgiving Break, this will be so much fun and I've been prepping up for it last few days....:-) For Camp Rock Day Camp tickets Register at 12395 Military Dr. Villages of West Creek Community Center.

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