Saturday, August 7, 2010

SMASH FAMILY BACK at Broadway Hall Studio!

Wow what a hard working but exciting year it has been! Although 2009 was rough leaving our space at 9620 S. Las Vegas Blvd...2010 has been nothing but positive. The SMASH mission was to expand to different areas, and bring the SMASH concepts to different locations. And now it is happening...although one area sord of "borrowed" our is still a SMASH concept even there! SO in the end..the mission is working. SMASH now in 2 states and running programs at over 10 locations! AND NOW I'm excited to announce SMASH Kids Program at Broadway Hall Studio! This I know will be huge!! Because SMASH has always been about running all types of muti-cultural classes in its location..and Broadway Hall Studio already offers amazing Salsa and Latin classes! So now with SMASH there bringing ALL of our amazing is a WIN/WIN. When people and businesses join together and partner one looses. There is no competition. We are all here for the same reason, right?? To teach others the talents that has been given to us. To be a 2nd home to the children and give them a positive outlet. Sure we all have to make a living...but when you do the right thing, you are taken care of. PLEASE JOIN US AT THE NEW SMASH AT BROADWAY HALL STUDIO Email us at for FALL 2010 Schedule with the BEST affordable tuition prices of LAS VEGAS!!!

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