Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping the kids active in the summer

Keeping the kids active in the summer is super healthy for them. Helps with self esteem, boost their confidence. With SMASH I have worked with thousands of kids over the years and I can not express enough how much I've seen kids transform in front of my eyes from doing activities like the ones we offer at SMASH. All activities are great for them wether it is sports or dance. It good to have your child try different activities in order to find what they like the most. Then once they choose something they like, have them commit to that activity at least for a full session. Don't let them change their minds so easily, and quit right away. That only shows its ok to quit whenever they feel like it. Consistency, dedication, commitment, is what makes a child become a better athlete, dancer, singer, etc.
~SMASH love, Ms. Lisa

Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm so excited with all the summer camps we have scheduled this summer! Our first one is June 20-23 for Big Time Rush themed camp. Villages of West Creek Community Center 12:15-5:15

We will also have iCarly in July and Victorious in August. EXCITING!

Cheer Camps July 5-8 and again Aug.2-4. Jacqi's Nufitness and FLEX STUDIO.

Las Vegas Camp at Broadway Hall studio 702-405-7070 directed by my daughter Yessika Gamboa.

I feel blessed with all the SMASH work. I appreciate all the members who support SMASH. We've had our in and outs in the past..but it's all up hill from now on. Thanks to my husband and President of SMASH, Rob who helps me in every aspect of the business.

Blessed are those who helps others...that is our mission.:-)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011



It's amazing how blessed we are. Starting in Las Vegas and going through some hardships was a blessing in disguise because San Antonio has been real good to SMASH! We still miss our Vegas peeps, and Broadway Hall in Las Vegas is growing their Broadway Kids by SMASH. But our mobile SMASH in Texas is amazing! Why limit ourselves to one spot when we can spread SMASH throughout the nation!

Here is the current schedule for San Antonio Classes. You can also check our new website at WWW.SMASHDANCE.NET for Las Vegas classes or San Antonio classes.

SMASH is at Villages of West Creek 12395 Military Dr.
11am Creative Dance ages 3-6
5:30pm Creative Dance
7:30pm Zumba Power Fitness

SMASH is at Integrative Martial Arts & Wellness 12066 Military Dr.
4:30pm Creative Dance ages 3-6
5:30pm Ballet/tap ages 7-12
6:30pm Jazz/Hiphop ages 7-12
7:30pm Zumba Fitness
830pm Vegas Stiletto Fitness

SMASH is at Villages of West Creek
5:30pm Jazz/Hiphop ages 7-12
7:30pm Zumba

SMASH is at Fantasy Land Daycare
2:30pm-5:30pm Creative Dance (Fantasy Land kids only)
6:30pm Zumba (open to parents, teachers, staff, & public!)

SMASH is at Villages of West Creek
4pm-5pm Ballet /tap

SMASH is at Jacqi's Nufitness 6504 Bandera
10:30am Family Zumba
11:30am Creative Dance ages 3-6
12:30pm Ballet/Tap ages 7-12
1:30pm Hiphop ages 7-12


SMASH also offers Creative Dance at daycare centers at Discovery Daycare 2 locations in San Antonio and Happy Hearts as a extracurricular activity for their kids.

SMASH also offers Vegas Stiletto Fitness for Ladies of all shapes ages and dance abilities at 4 different locations in San Antonio. See website for details WWW.VSF-SA.COM

As we continue to grow, we appreciate every single student who has come to be part of the SMASH family at one time or another. Our mission and goal is help you reach your mission and goals through music and dance.:-)



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays from SMASH

SMASH holidays are special for us. So many gorgeous routines and hard work from everyone that really shows dedication during this season. The holiday recital in San Antonio AND Las Vegas were amazing! It's a great rewarding feeling to work with so many unique families from different backgrounds. The kids are the reason why we work so hard, to give them the best dance experience possible that they will cherish for a life time.

As this year ends soon, I am happy to where SMASH has progressed to. Being mobile and establishing so many partnerships with other dance facilities has been a true blessing. Where once we were terrified with what might come about SMASH due to the economy, now has opened our eyes to the meaning, "everything happens for a reason" SMASH had finally been at a happy peaceful moment this year, until I received an email from a competitor for coincendentally having the same "general" name for one of our dance classes. They sent a "threat" to change our class name because they had it "first". It wasn't a very nice email as they went on to say that they reported me to Face Book too. Now it all made sense why my Face Book account was disabled. An account in which I started 2 years ago and had many sentimental pictures, blogs, contents, and network of many many friends and students. All gone over this small problem that could of been handled differently. But instead of being nasty back, I wished them all the luck in the world in their business and explained how I wished they would of simply emailed me first before having my Face Book removed. That I have no problem changing the name of that very small program I have. I wished them happy holidays and in my heart I forgave them. I will simply have to start my FB over. It's the not the first time I've been sabotaged or probably not even the last. The business world is an ugly place sometimes, but I keep my head up high and I know why God has given me SMASH. It's my mission to help kids and adults reach their mission, their goals, and have SMASH as their outlet to do that. Instead of being angry, I've learned to let things go quickly before it eats me inside. And I believe in Karma, what comes around goes around. So far I am super happy with SMASH, I appreciate my supporters, my daughter who runs one location for me and is doing fantastic, my students who love SMASH, my fiance' who's my number one business partner, ... and well I'm just so appreciative that any wrong doings done to me or SMASH..It's easy to just brush off now. :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


SMASH in San Antonio, TX is going great! My Kinderdance classes at all the daycares & community centers are doing awesome! I feel like I've grown so fast so quickly here in S.A. It's a true blessing....there is a lot of work and growth to still go through, but I am content to know where I am right now. Hard work, passion, & dedication really do pay off. I am working on a Holiday Showcase where all my classes from all the daycares & center will perform. The kids are excited, the parents are excited, & I find it to be a joy to please all of them. Jazz/Hiphop classes keep me young, and my pre-teens are a pleasure to work with. I am hosting a CAMP ROCK Holi-Day Camp during the kids Thanksgiving Break, this will be so much fun and I've been prepping up for it last few days....:-) For Camp Rock Day Camp tickets Register at 12395 Military Dr. Villages of West Creek Community Center.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

SMASH FAMILY BACK at Broadway Hall Studio!

Wow what a hard working but exciting year it has been! Although 2009 was rough leaving our space at 9620 S. Las Vegas Blvd...2010 has been nothing but positive. The SMASH mission was to expand to different areas, and bring the SMASH concepts to different locations. And now it is happening...although one area sord of "borrowed" our is still a SMASH concept even there! SO in the end..the mission is working. SMASH now in 2 states and running programs at over 10 locations! AND NOW I'm excited to announce SMASH Kids Program at Broadway Hall Studio! This I know will be huge!! Because SMASH has always been about running all types of muti-cultural classes in its location..and Broadway Hall Studio already offers amazing Salsa and Latin classes! So now with SMASH there bringing ALL of our amazing is a WIN/WIN. When people and businesses join together and partner one looses. There is no competition. We are all here for the same reason, right?? To teach others the talents that has been given to us. To be a 2nd home to the children and give them a positive outlet. Sure we all have to make a living...but when you do the right thing, you are taken care of. PLEASE JOIN US AT THE NEW SMASH AT BROADWAY HALL STUDIO Email us at for FALL 2010 Schedule with the BEST affordable tuition prices of LAS VEGAS!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010