Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays from SMASH

SMASH holidays are special for us. So many gorgeous routines and hard work from everyone that really shows dedication during this season. The holiday recital in San Antonio AND Las Vegas were amazing! It's a great rewarding feeling to work with so many unique families from different backgrounds. The kids are the reason why we work so hard, to give them the best dance experience possible that they will cherish for a life time.

As this year ends soon, I am happy to where SMASH has progressed to. Being mobile and establishing so many partnerships with other dance facilities has been a true blessing. Where once we were terrified with what might come about SMASH due to the economy, now has opened our eyes to the meaning, "everything happens for a reason" SMASH had finally been at a happy peaceful moment this year, until I received an email from a competitor for coincendentally having the same "general" name for one of our dance classes. They sent a "threat" to change our class name because they had it "first". It wasn't a very nice email as they went on to say that they reported me to Face Book too. Now it all made sense why my Face Book account was disabled. An account in which I started 2 years ago and had many sentimental pictures, blogs, contents, and network of many many friends and students. All gone over this small problem that could of been handled differently. But instead of being nasty back, I wished them all the luck in the world in their business and explained how I wished they would of simply emailed me first before having my Face Book removed. That I have no problem changing the name of that very small program I have. I wished them happy holidays and in my heart I forgave them. I will simply have to start my FB over. It's the not the first time I've been sabotaged or probably not even the last. The business world is an ugly place sometimes, but I keep my head up high and I know why God has given me SMASH. It's my mission to help kids and adults reach their mission, their goals, and have SMASH as their outlet to do that. Instead of being angry, I've learned to let things go quickly before it eats me inside. And I believe in Karma, what comes around goes around. So far I am super happy with SMASH, I appreciate my supporters, my daughter who runs one location for me and is doing fantastic, my students who love SMASH, my fiance' who's my number one business partner, ... and well I'm just so appreciative that any wrong doings done to me or SMASH..It's easy to just brush off now. :-)

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