Thursday, September 3, 2009


Value. We value family here. Coming here really feels like home. Its my home and my students are my visitors. I wanted to make it a Starbux feel, I had imagined parents on their laptops while their children were in class. I don't like the whole pick up and drop off. I like the parents to hang out and chat among each other. These 4 years and 2 months have been so rewarding for me. I believe things fall into your life for a reason. SMASH somehow came to my life, I did imagine it and dreamed it but never did I know what was coming. I am a stronger person because of my experiences here, SMASH is something I will cherish forever. I am content with my accomplishments here. Finacially we all wish we weren't going through a recession but I learned so much more having survived during a recession as long I have. However time is ticking now, and SMASH's next chapter is soon to come...

Meantime, My Salsa classes and Bellydance classes are doing amazing! I signed on 20 new students in August. My marketing seems to be working, but like now I work long hours to get things organized.

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