Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wow what a summer this has been, its been rough I will be honest but the kids all make it so worth while. I took it day by day trying to figure it out. Best option was to move and merge with one of MY instructors from my child hood years, Ms. Kathy at Dance Fusion. Yes I will miss the name SMASH, but it will live on in all these SMASH children's memories forever. I am not worried about it, a name is just a name. Dance Fusion will have some SMASH Fusion We are a unique diverse close family the SMASH family and I, but it will all work out for the best. At Dance Fusion there will be more classes for them to choose from, and they will be challenged more. My mission of bringing more cultural classes to Las Vegas is complete, I never in a million years thought my classes would be taught at one of the largest competitive dance schools in Las Vegas, Dance Fusion. This is a postive thing for every SMASH student. Change is good, growth is good, and I am happy.

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