Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping the kids active in the summer

Keeping the kids active in the summer is super healthy for them. Helps with self esteem, boost their confidence. With SMASH I have worked with thousands of kids over the years and I can not express enough how much I've seen kids transform in front of my eyes from doing activities like the ones we offer at SMASH. All activities are great for them wether it is sports or dance. It good to have your child try different activities in order to find what they like the most. Then once they choose something they like, have them commit to that activity at least for a full session. Don't let them change their minds so easily, and quit right away. That only shows its ok to quit whenever they feel like it. Consistency, dedication, commitment, is what makes a child become a better athlete, dancer, singer, etc.
~SMASH love, Ms. Lisa

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