Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm so excited with all the summer camps we have scheduled this summer! Our first one is June 20-23 for Big Time Rush themed camp. Villages of West Creek Community Center 12:15-5:15

We will also have iCarly in July and Victorious in August. EXCITING!

Cheer Camps July 5-8 and again Aug.2-4. Jacqi's Nufitness and FLEX STUDIO.

Las Vegas Camp at Broadway Hall studio 702-405-7070 directed by my daughter Yessika Gamboa.

I feel blessed with all the SMASH work. I appreciate all the members who support SMASH. We've had our in and outs in the past..but it's all up hill from now on. Thanks to my husband and President of SMASH, Rob who helps me in every aspect of the business.

Blessed are those who helps others...that is our mission.:-)


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