Friday, February 6, 2009

Smash Valentines Dance

We are ready for the Valentines Dance tomorrow! We have DJ ready, balloons ready, magic show ready, food and drinks ready and special performances ready to go!! should be alot of fun. i watched the SMASH dance team practice their routine yesterday, looks really cute!!


smashlasvegas said...

Smash has been an inspiration to me. It is a place where I can go and have a AMAZING time dancing. At Smash it feels like there is no tomorrow. Ms. Lisa is my aunt, and also a great instructor. I would never have the imagination like my aunt to create something so amazing as Smash. Everyone in this world should be going to Smash, because I bet they would love it as much as i do. So, everyone if you havent already go sign up at Smash !

jesssica lozano said...

smash valentines bash was the best the food was excellent DJ Tony Rico was so funny and creative. The magic show was awsome but you can preety tell how he did it. Ms. Lisa is my ZUMBA instructor so i know it was going to be fun.i just cant wait for the parents night out.thank you to Ms.lisa and who ever helped make this a good bash. and also to dj tony rico!!!!!!